The statement of the army and the Ansar in the Daily Star newspaper and our counter-answer

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It was a joint operation of the army and the Ansar. When the army members were searching in Faruya homes, an Ansar member entered another house and pressed down a girl's hand. After hearing the scream of the girl, the army members captured the Ansar members and handed them over to the appropriate authorities. In our knowledge, it is not a rape incident in any way.
Lt. Col. Rashidul Hasan, Inter-Divisional Public Relations Director.

On that day there were joint forces in search of terrorists, including 12 Army and 8 Ansar members. An Ansar member named Ghias entered the house at the door of the house while the two army stayed in the house. Two sisters are afraid to see the security forces. There were no sexual harassment or rape cases here. Gias has been closed down in the battalion and the investigation continues.
Afzal Hossain, Ansar battalion-10 commanding officer.

Our statement:
On January 23, some of the news stories published in the journal Manobkantha were released.

“On duty doctor, Maruf said two Marma girls were brought to Rangamati General Hospital from Orachhari village of Farua union of Bailichari upazila on Tuesday noon. They told me they both were victims of rape. They got admitted to the hospital. Female physicians will actually collect and test the signs. The incident that the victims are talking about has already passed 24 hours.

One of the nurses said, the condition of one of the two is not good. She is still bleeding. The medicine is being given. Tracid (500mg) tablets have been given three times in five days of the treatment of this teenager.

Lenin Talukder, a Gyani doctor of Rangamati mother and child center, she said Tracid (500mg) tablets are given to the patient to stop the bleeding.”

According to Chakma King Devasish Roy, “According to their commentary, which I learned through translations,One of them was raped (elderly elder sister who spoke only in Marma) and the other has been subjected to sexual harassment (Minor younger sister, who can say some Bengali and broken-broken Chakma).

On the other hand, on January 29, ipnewsbd said that a 6 members medical board under the leadership of Hena Barua completed the medical examination of the girls.

It is clear from the above news and statement that Marma is one of two sisters who is an adult victim of rape and the younger sister who is a juvenile victim of sexual harassment. Still, how did the army and Ansar officials claim that rape was not done at all ?

Rasel Marma; Mark the red color

Rasel Marma (Bilichari Upazila Awami League Vice President) on January 24th, the press conference was held with the parents and the younger brother of the victims. At the press conference, the younger brother explicitly said that the garment of the army was about to wear clothes.

His statement was this:
There was a man dressed in armor. Turns off the torch. Told to close the eyes. Not allowed to talk. When trying to talk, the gun was restrained on my head. Thus he rose three times. Then the Mejo Didi(Middle sister) screamed.

Look at the man who looks like a Bengali or a Hilly. In such a question to the present journalists, The boy answered the Bengali.
Then the boy was not allowed to speak anymore.

Here the question is, if the search was conducted then why the young child was kept silent by threatening the gun ? That’s why terrorists will flee to hear his voice ? And the neighbors also apparently heard screams, though they could not run away immediately because their house was being searched.

Picture: Police position in the hospital

Then two sisters were admitted to Rangamati General Hospital. Why is the whole hospital surrounded by army-police ? Why is the hospital compound filled with detective agents ? Why should not be allowed to speak freely Queen Yan Yan, King Devasish Roy and human rights activist with the victims ? While talking to the two sisters mother tongue, Why the attendants forbid to speak in Marma ? Why are the Volunteers being expelled by shutting down the gate of the hospital ?

If the statements of the army and the Ansar officials are correct, why so much care of the hospital ? Why are the victims of mental harassment ? Why are they being kept in police custody Where no case has been filed yet ? Why did Police ASP appear at hospital and abused her with bad use, Queen Yan Yan has abused her? Why police ASP has abused with Queen Yan Yan ? Why Victim’s mother, father, younger brother will be kept in military custody where two sisters are having difficult times in their life in hospital ? Why did the police rise up to take the victims to custody ? Where adult victims are seeking themselves, they should be taken in the custody of the King and Queen.

Anser before these questions Mr. Rashidul Hasan and Afzal Hossain, then we will take your statement. However, it is important to remember that fish can not be covered with spinach and can not be suppressed by using force. The more the army’s involvement will be proven, the more force it uses.

Picture: Lock at the main gate of the hospital

During the press release, Vichitim’s younger brother’s video statement link.(click here)

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