Bangladesh Nationalist party (BNP) and its alliance new campaign for making bangladesh unstable state.The Government Honourable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina lead Bangladesh towards a devloping country. BNP along with its 20-Party Alliance (notably Jamaat E Islami Bangladesh) has once again unleashed their signature tactics of terror in the name of political agitation. The victims of these terrorist acts have been primarily the ordinary people of Bangladesh, who have nothing to do with politics. BNP-Jamaat have been employing their signature tactics of terror. Attacking passenger buses and setting people with petrol bombs. Apart from the obvious human costs, country is suffering immense losses in economic and academic terms as well. Spate of blockades and strikes called by BNP-Jamaat several people have been killed by BNP-Jamaat arson attacks through petrol bombs or fire. Waterways had also been terrorized and launches have been put on fire. Stretched beyond capacity, the hospitals are still struggling to cope with the daily influx of patients brought in with medium to third degree burn injuries, directly caused by petrol bombs or arson by BNP-Jamaat activists. Around the country, many people have faced arson attack by the BNP-Jamaat terrorists. Apart from the economic losses suffered as a result of lost profits by each sector, there is immense human costs as well, as hundreds of thousands of day labourers, who are paid on a daily basis, are losing on daily earnings in each such sector. Other than these, a lot of losses are being incurred by some sectors that cannot be easily quantified; rather their short-term and long-term affects can be outlined. Most of the over 40 million primary and high school students had been feeling helpless at the beginning of their new academic year, as since the start of the year, BNP-Jamaat’s disruptive activities have prevented them from attending classes. Higher education students are also equally dampening. Many had been missing classes and tutorials. Govt requested the leader of BNP-Jamaat to stop burning and killing people number of times. But little they care about it.
Because they are brutal, they are heinous. See some scenes of their atrocities.


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